About the Capital Choir blog (version 2)

The Capital Choir blog, on which the current document appears, has been set up to facilitate communication amongst choir members. A blog typically consists of a series of posts, to which comments can be added. The posts are often announcements or news items (rehearsals start today, member ABC is ill/well), but they can be reference documents (like this one) or discussion documents on weighty topics like whether the male choir members must wear ties.

This version of the blog is hosted on WordPress. I created an earlier one on Blogger. I’m checking both out to weigh the pros and cons. WordPress appears to have a couple of significant advantages:

  • It can include static pages apart from the stream of blog postings. This should obviate the need for a separate WWW site.
  • Users don’t need a Google account to register as blog users.

But we’ll see.

To post on the blog, you must be registered. At the moment (10/02/2009) there are two registered user accounts, both created by me: capitalchoir and mhadfield. capitalchoir (AKA Capital Choir) is an administrator. This means that someone who has signed in as capitalchoir can change site settings and delete posts. mhadfield (AKAMark) is an author and so can create new posts and edit his own posts. I envisage that other people who want to write posts will set up their own WordPress accounts (if they don’t already have one) and will then be added to the list of authors by the administrator. I think this is quite easy. (Please bear in mind that I’m new to all this myself.)

Once a post has appeared on the blog, other people can add comments, as can the original author. WordPress appears to accept anonymous comments, but can hold them up in a “moderation queue” until approved by an administrator. This has the potential to be a bit of a nuisance obviously. We may find that we need to require each commenter to set up his/her own WordPress account. Fortunately this is not difficult to do.

That will do for now. If you have any questions, post them in the comments and I will answer them. As author, I can also edit this post to make it clearer.

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  1. I’m posting this comment without logging in, to see how difficult that is. It looks pretty straightforward actually.

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