Do we need a blog?

No we don’t need a blog, but we might find one useful. The blog’s only intended to be part of the WWW site. It’s for announcements and discussions. Check out the blog portion of the City of Dunedin Choir site:

There’s an note from someone who’s found a good recording of a musical work, an announcement of a new choir Facebook group, some information about upcoming performances by other music groups, news about one of the members. That’s the sort of thing I expect we’d have on ours.

The characteristic that defines a blog is its provision of a structure for managing time-stamped information. Each post appears at the top of the post list, so you can see it’s new, and then it moves out of sight as new posts are added, but it’s never deleted and you can always look it up and see what it said and when. This structure means that creating a new entry is a lightweight process (no need to set up a new page and fit it into the site structure just to make an announcement) and you can allow many different people to create posts, whereas it may not be wise to give out authorship rights to pages on the WWW site too widely.

Blog postings allow comments and are therefore good for feedback and discussions, like this one.

With we can (and i expect we will) have the front page of the site be a static page, with the blog as one of the pages linked to that. We can’t do that with, because it doesn’t allow static pages, so the earlier prototype site was built in two parts, the static site and the blog, with different styles. It might be possible to coordinate the different styles, as the Dunedin Choir have done, but it wouldn’t be easy.