A new choir year

A message from the Musical Director, Felicia Edgecombe…

Welcome to everyone who has come to make music this year, whether you are a long-standing member, a new member or a prospective member. We are not an auditioned choir, but we still take our music seriously and try to get a realistic blend between stretching ourselves a bit for our performances and just enjoying our rehearsals musically and socially without too much pressure. We will be preparing for two public concerts this year: the first in July featuring works by Borodin (you know the famous “Stranger in Paradise theme) and Josef Haydn; the second will be a Christmas concert in early December. As well we have been invited to give private concerts at the Malvina Major Retirement Village and sing at a Choirs festival in Palmerston North.

Capital Choir is a happy and stimulating place to be on Tuesday nights and we endeavour to encourage each other. Some are very experienced singers and musicians, others have done little singing, but are very willing to learn. It is helpful to enjoy singing and be able to hold a tune, to be willing to learn more and develop your singing skills, and to be committed to our weekly rehearsals and our performances. Usually there are 2 or 3 full choir concerts and 2 or 3 smaller optional ones.

We invite prospective members to attend two rehearsals without commitment or payment.  If you do decide to join, then you will confirm your membership and pay your choir fee.  As a prospective member, please collect the music for the rehearsal and return it to the appropriate folders at the end of the night’s session. I would like to meet with you when you do decide to join for good.

I sincerely hope that you find the experience of belonging to the choir pleasurable, challenging, and socially and musically enriching.