Resources for the Rutter Magnificat

As the choir members now know, our major piece for the December concert is Magnificat by John Rutter. As usual, there are some useful resources on the Internet for learning the piece.

On John Rutter’s website, there’s a page with a video in which the composer explains the first movement. (Similar videos for the remaining movements can be found on his Youtube channel.

A bloke called Craig Mahaney has constructed a very nice set of MIDI learning files. For more information on the MIDI format, see our information page. Craig Mahane’s learning files come in different versions, each optimised for a different part (SATB), with that part raised in volume so you can hear it. This means that they work well with a simple media player like Windows Media Player. However there are other MIDI players that give more control: they let you bring out specific parts for yourself, or change the tempo.

Finally, a search of YouTube will find several performances of the work, or parts thereof, along with the explanatory videos by the composer.

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  1. Thanks for posting all this stuff on the Rutter, Mark. Bill’s right, we should encourage choir members to use the site for background information to our music and for general dates and updates.

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