Mozart Requiem

Mozart 1790We are currently rehearsing the Mozart Requiem Mass in D Minor (K626). The choir is not actually going to perform it, but quite a few members will be involved in performing  it at the NZCF Wellington May Workshop.

The Requiem was unfinished at Mozart’s death in 1791. There’s a lot of confusion about who finished it and how. This confusion was apparently created by Mozart’s wife, Constanze, who was trying to collect the commission for the work while hiding the fact that it was not actually completed by him.

For MIDI learning files, Cyberbass is probably the best bet, as usual. It lists versions by Sussmayr and Levin. I don’t know which is closest to the score we’re using (which is published by Novello). Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than me can advise. For the moment I’m going with Sussmayr.

If anyone else finds some useful recordings or learning resources, please tell us about it in the comments.