Mid-West meets Middle-Earth

From Felicia to the choir (and friends)…

Wow wow wow! What a concert. What a privilege it was, wasn’t it, to be involved? We did our bit really well, I have to say, and I had several complimentary comments from audience members, whose discernment I respect, and from UMCC members, about our sound, our articulation, the songs, Belinda’s playing, Susan’s singing  and our “music”. I was very proud of you all. Thank you. Thanks too, Rachel, for reading the poems so well. So well.

And wasn’t the UMCC just stunning! It is difficult to find adjectives to describe them, and the experience of hearing them. As I said to them after their short recital in the Parliamentary Legislative Chamber – “There is something very special that happens in us when we see something done excellently – whether it is a game of sport, a meal prepared, or a song performed. But this was music as well, that had emotional depth and touched our souls.” I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed it and will find it an inspiration to help to carry you through the cold old winter.

The home stay experiences seem to have been brilliant, and it sounds like people have been incredibly generous in their hospitality. Thank you. The great team who organised the concert: Elizabeth, Jillian, Mark, Kerry, Sarah, Cecilia, Pip, and earlier on, Bill – we don’t take it for granted.. Thank you.

I want to thank my good friend and mentor, Dr Guy Jansen for dreaming up this whole invitation to the UMCC to visit NZ, and entrusting them to us. I will send him a copy of this letter.