He ain’t heavy

That’s funny, I thought I had already done a post about He ain’t Heavy, He’s my Brother, but no. The song is a pop ballad written in the late 1960’s by Bobby Scott and Bob Russell and recorded by (among others) The Hollies in 1969 and Neil Diamond in 1970. I found the Hollies version on Youtube a while back (not difficult) and I think it’s marvellous. Let’s try embedding the Youtube video:

Check out the open shirt on Allan Clarke, the lead singer! When did that go out of fashion?

I’m not so keen on the Neil Diamond version.

The version the choir is rehearsing was arranged by John Coates Jr, apparently the same person as the jazz pianist and arranger described on this page.

The song title is based on an inspirational story dating back to 1884, as described on the Wikipedia page. It was adopted as a slogan by the Boys Town movement in the 1940s.

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  1. Thanks for that ,Mark, – it is a beauty, isn’t it? There is another Hollies version on YouTube, against a backdrop of war casualties, & no matter what we may think of the rights & wrongs of warfare, it provides a pretty powerful accompaniment to this fine song.

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