Sandhill and Schubert

Sandhill & Schubert flyer A4Sandhill and Schubert is the title of our Christmas concert this year (7:30 pm on Tuesday 18 November at Central Baptist Church, Boulcott St).

Sandhill is a reference to our CD, Sandhill and Tussock, to be launched at the concert. We will sing several pieces from this CD, including World (music Felicity Edgecombe, words Rachel McAlpine) from which the eponymous phrase comes.

Schubert is a reference to Franz Schubert, who wrote the Mass in G Major, which we shall be performing.

Please come and bring all your friends. The price is very  reasonable and the music will be performed with enthusiasm. There will be a supper afterwards with (on past experience) more than enough very nice food.