Shaky Places rehearsal files

Shaky Places rehearsal filesThe new Rehearsal Files page (click on the pohutukawa flower at the right) has links to MIDI files intended for rehearsal  of the Shaky Places songs. The original MIDI files were exported by Felicia from her music composition notation program, Sibelius. I then imported them into a similar but simpler (and free) program, Muse Score, and produced files that are optimised (as far as I can) for note-learning. For each song there is a separate MIDI file for each part plus one with all parts.

I can’t put MIDI files on the WordPress site so they’re in the Public area in my Dropbox and you should be able to access them via the links. Clicking on a link should bring up a dialogue box prompting you to open the file in a media player like Windows Media Player or Quicktime Player. If this doesn’t happen (eg. if the file gets downloaded without being opened) then there is undoubtedly a way you can configure your browser to fix the problem: I may be able to help.

It’s all a bit experimental at the moment so let me know how you get on.

So far we’ve done just two: Make Sure and Erebus Voices. Update: I’ve just added Not a Maori Hui.