Shaky Places: new flier

There’s a new flier for the Shaky Places concert. This one has the names of all the poets who contributed. Nice! Just click on the image at right to retrieve it.

3 thoughts on “Shaky Places: new flier

  1. How can we buy two shaky places CDs ?? Regards David Bray

    • Hello David

      Thank you for your inquiry. If you live in Wellington and are in the city regularly then you can collect the CDs and pay by cash at the time – $20 per CD. If not, then I can courier the CDs to you (again, this will be in the New Year) on receipt of payment which can be made directly to the choir account – $40 for the 2 CDs and a courier charge of $6.50. If you send an email to with your preference I can provide you with details of the account or the venue in Wellington from which the CDs can be collected.


      Bill Gaudie
      Treasurer, Capital Choir

    • Thank you Bill.
      But you didn’t say where I can pick these CD’s up from, is it your place or do you have an outlet where your choir practices.

      Regards David Bray

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