Rehearsal files interesting news

OK, I lied, it isn’t really interesting.

I have moved the links to the Shaky Places piano & voice files to a separate page:

This is in preparation for publishing the main Shaky Places rehearsal files page via SOUNZ.

I have also made a few tweaks to the MIDI files:

  • John Neas pointed out some mismatches between the score and the MIDI files in Twelve Moon Lines, beginning at about bar 45. They occur in pitch and rhythm and they affect all parts. I have now fixed them (I think) in all the MIDI files.
  • I have improved the dynamics and instrumentation  for all the Erebus Voices parts. They’re much easier to follow now. One thing to note is that the short “t t t t” section at bars 94–95 is missing.
  • In Today I have taken out all the tie lines. This adds a break between every bar—an extreme version of what Judy Bellingham calls “pulsing the tie”. I’m not suggesting you actually sing it like this, but it makes it easier to feel the rhythm while practicing. I might do this on some of the other songs