Inspirare: Convergence

Convergence Ticketing Graphic.jpgInspirare is a new Wellington professional choir. Its inaugural concert, Convergence, will be at 3:00 pm this coming Sunday, 4 September, at St Andrews on The Terrace. The Musical Director, Mark Stamper, describes the motivation behind the programme thus:

The first concert will be centered around three of the basic human needs: nature, spirituality, and community. My concept for this program began with the idea of the “north meeting south”. Since I am from the Northern Hemisphere and the singers are from the Southern Hemisphere, I wanted to draw on the thought of us coming together for this concert. I set out to find music from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, without limiting myself to a specific genre or period of music.

More information and a list of the pieces to be performed can be found on the Inspirare web site.

Capital Choir members will be looking out for our Acting Director, Sue Robinson, who will be singing in the alto section.