Capital Choir

Sun Festival Carols


The next substantial work we are preparing for performance is Jenny McLeod‘s collection of Sun Festival Carols. These were written for a Sun Festival (does anyone remember this?) in Wellington in 1983. The carols are:

  1. Vulcan
  2. Ochre
  3. Azure
  4. Henna
  5. Gentian
  6. Indigo I
  7. Jade
  8. Indigo II

From this description of the Sun Festival, it appears that there were originally 7 songs, with Indigos I and II possibly later separated.

Capital Choir learned Indigo II many years back (it starts “Light of lights beholden”). The rest are new to most of us.

The choir is working from a copy of all 8 songs from SOUNZ. However on sites like YouTube the songs are best found under their individual titles. Here to whet your appetites is a performance of Vulcan by Euphony, Kristin School in the Big Sing 2011 final: