Come Gracious Spring rehearsal files

This is an experiment. Barbara has produced rehearsal files for “Come Gracious Spring”, movement 2 of Haydn’s The Seasons, and put them on her Google Drive. This link…

Nr2 – Come Gracious Spring

…should take you to the folder. In this folder you should see four subfolders (Alto, Bass, Soprano, Tenor) and in each of these you should see 8 MP3 files for that voice part. Please let me know whether you can see and play the files. (Email me at mark dot hadf at gmail dot com, or comment below.) I’d especially like to hear from people who don’t have a Google account.

2 thoughts on “Come Gracious Spring rehearsal files

  1. Hi Mark I can access them (but I did already have a google account) – Sarah M

  2. These are great, thanks, Barbara and Mike. All just siting there in my Google Drive. Much appreciated. Keitha

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