Shaky Places rehearsal files

It looks like we’ll be performing several pieces from Shaky Places at the Spring concert on 25 September, possibly numbers 4 (Pohutukawa Magic), 5 (Stitch Bird), 6 (Wild Daisies) and 12 (For the First Time). Those who are (like me) a bit rusty on the notes may want to look at the Shaky Places rehearsal files page. The most useful resource on this page is here:

Individual songs enhanced for different parts (MP3)

This is a link to a folder in the Capital Choir Google Drive area. The audio tracks here were produced by Felicia Edgecombe in MIDI format from the score. I then went through them enhancing each of the parts in turn. Recently I have rendered the MIDI files into MP3 format, which means they are easier to play and generally sound better.