Upcoming Events

People who care about web site design (surely there must be some) will be interested to know I have added an Upcoming Events panel to the sidebar that appears on the right-hand side of all pages and posts on this site. (On a mobile phone the panel appears at the bottom of the page.) The Upcoming Events panel is linked to a calendar belonging to the capitalchoir Google account. The idea is that, as the Capital Choir calendar elf updates the calendar, these changes will automatically be passed to the blog. Now all we need is a calendar elf.

The key message at this point is that the next rehearsal is on Tuesday 23 July at Wellington Central Baptist Church, 46-48 Boulcott St. In the meantime, enjoy the break.

PS: I have also added a Calendar page that links to the same calendar.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. Guess who I was planning to nominate as the calendar elf.

    I’ll be communicating with you and the committee soon.

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