Rehearsal schedules

As the tempo builds up in the approach to the concert the Capital Choir Internet Gnomes are liaising with Barbie and the committee to add information about each event on the Calendar. Thus one can learn that tomorrow evening…

We will start the rehearsal with Mvt. 5 of the Requiem (Ye Now Are Sorrowful) and will then run the entire Requiem with as few stops as possible. We will warm up with the remaining carols – Hark The Herald Angels Sing and Silent Night.

…and that next week we will have…

A run-through of the entire concert.

Hmm, I may need some practice. Excuse me while I go and bash some notes.

2 thoughts on “Rehearsal schedules

  1. HI Mark

    When I clicked on Read More, I (eventually) got a message saying this site cannot be reached which is what usually happens. Sometimes it says wordpress took too long to respond

    Judith Nathan

    2a Moir Street

    Mt Victoria


    New Zealand

    phone + 64 4 384 5444

    mobile 021 122 4855

  2. Hi Judith

    Thanks for reporting the problem.

    At first glance that seems like being slow for some reason, but if that were the case I would get it too from time to time (I never have) and you would not get it consistently. It may be a problem with how your email client or anti-virus system interprets links. Some of them pass them through another server to check for malicious links (which the capital choir site definitely is not!) What is your email client by the way? And your browser?

    What happens when you open your browser, go to the Capital Choir web site (the easiest way to do this is to search for “capital choir wellington”) and then navigate to the Blog and the post? Could you try this out and report back to me please.


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