COVID-19 advice

Firstly, let good sense prevail over panic. 

Corona viruses have been around for decades, although this appears to be a new strain. In most folk it causes flu-like symptoms such as fever, sniffles and cough. It is difficult to tell apart from a heavy cold or the flu. At the moment there are no signs of a community outbreak or community spread. 

If you develop any of the symptoms, stay at home and limit contact with other people. Maintain regular hand hygiene with soap and water or hand gel. Treat yourself symptomatically with plenty of fluids and regular paracetamol.   Seek  advice by phone from your GP surgery, particularly if you feel short of breath, but do not present to the surgery in person. Alternatively ring Healthline (0800) 358 5453.

Those most at risk are the over 60s and anyone with a pre-existing chest condition. These groups should be seeking influenza immunisation when it becomes available, as contracting flu will increase your susceptibility to other similar infections, including Covid 19. 

There is plenty of further advice to be had from MoH and other reputable sources. 

The main take home message is: 

If at any time (not just during this virus outbreak) you have symptoms of a respiratory illness, please stay at home. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you at rehearsal!