St Cecilia Mass

The St Cecilia Mass was composed by Charles Gounod in 1855. This beautiful mass is scored for three soloists (soprano, tenor and bass), a mixed choir of four parts, an organ, and a large orchestra including six harps. The six movements of the mass are: Kyrie; Gloria; Credo; Sanctus; Benedictus; and Agnus Dei. It was … Continue reading St Cecilia Mass

COVID-19 advice

Firstly, let good sense prevail over panic.  Corona viruses have been around for decades, although this appears to be a new strain. In most folk it causes flu-like symptoms such as fever, sniffles and cough. It is difficult to tell apart from a heavy cold or the flu. At the moment there are no signs of … Continue reading COVID-19 advice

Welcome to 2020

Choir is starting up again on Tuesday 4 February. We will be working towards our first concert for the year which will be on Tuesday 23 June at the Central Baptist Church. The concert will have a NZ-focused programme, and will include "Stars I Shall Find" by Kiwi composer Sarah Fouhy. Here is a link … Continue reading Welcome to 2020