Shaky Places concert

The Shaky Places concert will be at 4 pm on Sunday 15 November at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Hill St, Wellington. The following link points to the concert flier as a PDF file:

Shaky Places concert flier

Before each song, the poem will be read by Geoff Robinson (who is rather good at that sort of thing).

Tickets are $20 and can be bought via choir members or on Ticketek. Our deal with Ticketek means that the booking fee they add will not be too steep.

We’re hoping that a number of the poets will be there. (It helps that the concert coincides with the NZ Poetry Conference.) My singing teacher and friend Roger Wilson tells of performing Sings Harry (a collection of songs by Douglas Lilburn to poems by Denis Glover) 30-odd years ago. Glover was in the audience but hated listening to the songs (or maybe he just wanted a cigarette) so when Roger started singing he stormed out and paced up and down outside smoking, visible through the window to the singer but no-one else. A bit disconcerting! Let’s hope our poets don’t do that.


Shaky Places

Shaky PlacesShaky Places is a set of 14 songs for mixed-voice choir, composed by our Musical Director, Felicia Edgecombe, to poems by Brian Turner, Robert Sullivan, Lauris Edmond, Riemke Ensing, Greg O’Brien, Bub Bridger, Sam Hunt, Jenny Bornholdt, Marewa Glover, Bill Manhire, Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, Dinah Hawken and Rachel McAlpine. The song cycle will be published by Capital Choir. Besides Felicia, the person who has provided the impetus for this impressive project is Rachel McAlpine.

Capital Choir will be performing the complete cycle on 15 November at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Hill St, Wellington. The choir has performed five of the songs in public already (Brian Turner’s ‘Place’, Rachel McAlpine’s ‘World’, Lauris Edmond’s ‘Tuatara’, Gregory O’Brien’s ‘Stitch bird’, and Jenny Bornholdt’s ‘Make Sure’). We are rehearsing another three right now, and I guess that means there are six more we have yet to see. I have to say my favourite so far is Jenny Bornholdt’s Make Sure (“Make sure you fall in love with a man who you know will survive in the bush..”). Felicia’s music is just right for Jenny’s wry poem.

Rachel McAlpine has started a Shaky Places Facebook page:

Those who do Facebook (and why wouldn’t you?) should check it out.


A Little Jazzy

A Little Jazzy flyer v5For our next concert we will be joining forces with Wellington Young Voices. The concert will be at 2pm on Saturday 27 June at Wesley Methodist Church, 75 Taranaki St. It will feature a performance of A Little Jazz Mass by Bob Chilcott.

The other pieces will include:

Capital Choir and Wellington Young Voices together:

  • Look at the World by John Rutter.

Capital Choir :

  • Tell My Ma  by Bob Chilcott;
  • Spirituals:The Gospel Train and Live–a-Humble;
  • Two songs (Stitch Bird and Make Sure) from the Shaky Places Song Cycle (music by Felicia Edgecombe);
  • Heilig by Schubert.

Wellington Young Voices:

  • Pieces by Ian Jefferson, Bob Chilcott, John Rutter and Irving Berlin.

Jazz Mass soprano parts

The Capital Choir soprano parts for Bob Chilcott’s Little Jazz Mass have been adjusted to work with the children’s choir. They are as follows:

  1. Sing soprano as normal  (P1)
  2. Sing the alto part, with a few people singing the soprano part (Susan, Patricia, Janet)  (P2)
  3. Position 2B – I am abolishing

Bars 1- 21: P1
Bars 22-33: P1
Bars 34 – 49: P2

Bars 54 – 100: P1
Bars 101 – 113: P2
Bars 118 – end: P1

Bars 1- end: P2

Bars 173 – 190: P2, but altos sing with the tenor part
Bars 191 – end P2 but altos sing as usual (and lower of the 2 parts if the alto part divides.

Agnus Dei
Bars 199 – 210: P1
Bars 211- end: P2