Only 107 Sleeps

The date and location of the Capital Choir end-of-year concert have been set: Tuesday 3 December at Wellington Central Baptist Church. The programme has not been finalised, but there will be some Christmas music and some not-so-Christmas music. For the authoritative and most up-to-date information about the choir's calendar, see the Calendar page on this … Continue reading Only 107 Sleeps

More study recordings

Just a quick post to let you know that Barbie has made piano-and-voice study recordings for two of our current works and put them in her Google Drive folder: Brahms Requiem, movements 2 and 4A la Nanita Nana

Term 3 begins

As it says on the new Calendar page, tonight is the first rehearsal of Term 3. New members are welcome to along to any rehearsal, but the beginning of Term 1 or Term 3 is a particularly good time as we're typically starting on a new programme of music. For this half-year, Barbara has said … Continue reading Term 3 begins

Term 2

Term 2 begins with a rehearsal today, May Day Eve 2019, 7:15 pm at Central Baptist Church. From an email Susan Hamilton sent to the choir at the end of Term 1... Please try to find time to practise your German pronunciation and to go over the tricky bits in all the pieces. It will … Continue reading Term 2

Michelle The choir is practicing an arrangement of Michelle (Lennon/McCartney) by Grayston Ives. I believe this is the arrangement performed by the King’s Singers in the video above. I must admit, I don’t like this performance as much as I expected to. As one of the commenters on YouTube says, “They are undoubtedly brilliant singers … Continue reading Michelle