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Contact us

Phone: 04 971 2711 (Susan Hamilton)


 New members

We invite prospective members to attend two rehearsals without commitment or payment.  If you do decide to join, then you will confirm your membership and pay your choir fee.  As a prospective member, please collect the music for the rehearsal and return it to the appropriate folders at the end of the night’s session.


Rehearsals are held in Central Baptist Church, 46–48 Boulcott Street in the downstairs hall from 7:15 to 9:20pm on Tuesdays.  There are no rehearsals during the school holidays.

Attendance and apologies

Please be punctual for rehearsal. The doors open by 7:00 pm. Have your name checked, collect your music and be ready to start by 7:15 pm. If you are late, please check your own name on the roll.

We encourage attendance at all rehearsals but realise that this is not always possible. If you cannot attend please advise Mike Stewart (04 569 9209) or Cecilia Vincent (04 565 0629), before the rehearsal if possible.


Parking is available in the Tournament Parking building in Boulcott St. The entrance on opposite side of the road from the church, about 50m down the road.  Please ask a committee member for more detailed instructions.  Central Baptist Church has given the choir permission to use the car park free for Tuesday night rehearsals and choir concerts which is very helpful to us as Boulcott St is often congested.  A “car parking donations box” will be available each Tuesday by the drinks at supper-time so that we can make a gesture of appreciation to the church.


Everyone is asked to give their contact details: name, address, phones, email and voice type (Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass). Please remember to wear your name label during rehearsals and to collect your music before you take your place.


The membership fee is $300 (waged), $200 (students and unwaged) per year. Fees are due by the end of February.  Payment in two half-year installments is acceptable, with the second installment due by 22nd July.  Fees can be paid via internet banking to the following account

Capital Choir Wellington      03 0525 0257853 00

Please include your name and the purpose of the payment in the transaction details. If you have difficulty in paying the fees, please see a committee member.


All music either belongs to the choir library, or is hired from some other choir.  It is for choir use only. Please take good care of your copies, marking them with 2B pencil or highlighter only. Music that has been hired needs special care: 2B pencil only, no highlighter, and definitely no ballpoint pen. Such copies need to be returned straight after the concert. There is only one copy per person.

Please bring a 2B pencil to every rehearsal and keep your music in a clearly named, folder or clear file, possibly in alphabetical order of titles.  The music needs to be stapled together in the top left-hand corner before being returned.  For our performances we use black clear-file folders.

Preparing for concerts

There is quite a journey to go from the note-learning stage in music to the final performance and while very enjoyable, it can be challenging and demanding. The stages we go through are: (a) Note Learning, (b) Interpretation, (c) Blending our voices and (d) Confidence & Performance Skills.  To achieve this successfully, commitment is required from each individual to really learn the music and if possible, practise at home or with others.  MIDI learning files are often available on the internet.  We expect everyone singing in a concert to attend at least 80% of the rehearsals, with the last two being compulsory.  Please see Mike Stewart if this is a problem.

Concert uniforms

Women: Long black skirt/trousers; black top; black shoes and stockings.

Men: Dark trousers, socks and shoes; white shirt; bow tie for formal occasions.

Resigning from the choir

Inevitably some people need to move on, but please don’t just disappear!  We value you when you are with us and wish you well when you leave.  If you are leaving, please have a word with Sue or one of the committee members and/or write a note. Please hand back all your music in alphabetical order, each piece stapled together, all in a large A4 envelope with your name on it.


Co-chairSusan Hamilton 04 971
Co-chairTom Broadmore04 384
SecretaryMike Stewart 021 049
Attendance SecretaryCecilia Vincent 04 565
TreasurerNorman Preston022 158
LibrarianCynthia McCarthy04 233 1721
Committee Jillian Wilson04 477 2131
Committee   Barbara Phipps Black04 388 1454
Committee   Barbara Dennison04 233 1389
Director Barbara Paterson021 191 7417
Accompanist Belinda Behle 04 232