2018 rehearsal files

Barbie’s Study Recordings

Our Musical Director, Barbara Paterson, is producing rehearsal files for the pieces we will be practicing for the rest of the year. These are on Google Drive, available from the following link (see the Study Recordings folder):

Barbie’s Capital Choir folder

There are recordings for

In each of these folders you should see subfolders for the voice parts (eg. Alto, Bass, Soprano, Tenor) and in each of these you should see MP3 files, which should be playable on your phone or tablet, in your Web browser, or with an external program.

If you have any problems playing the MP3 files please report them to me (mark dot hadf at gmail dot com). It would be helpful if you could also try out the different file formats in this folder to identify one you can play:

Audio test files

Synthesised Rehearsal Files

Even with Barbie’s undoubted musical ability, it’s a challenge for one person with a piano to convey the part to be sung in relation to all the other parts. This is particularly an issue with the fugue (movement 9) of The Seasons. Synthesised rehearsal files can help here. Here are links to this work on two of the best sites:

Cyberbass is the old faithful site for synthesised rehearsal files. It’s based on MIDI technology. It used to serve up the files directly, but now you play them via a browser interface. This works well on Windows and on my Android phone; I don’t know about other platforms.

Choralia uses something called VS (Virtual Singer or singing robots) technology, described on the Choralia front page. The Choralia site does offer the VS files themselves, but it is better to listen to the MP3 files that they have generated. Again there is a browser interface that works on Windows and Android systems, and probably others. Note that for this work the robots sing in German (which is only mildly off-putting) and that the fugue is called movement 8a (Ewiger, mächtiger, gütiger Gott!).